Texas Association for Alternative Education is proud to present Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center with a “Best Practice Award” for 2021. This $500 award is presented annually to an alternative school who presents a best practice that is designed to recognize outstanding and promising classroom practices. Passport to Success impacts Health and Safety, Future Prep, Community Service, and Skill Development. This practice allowed students at the ACC an opportunity to receive a graduation cord; students originally had no way of obtaining cords. Recognizing the fact that students have important life skills and experiences that will shape and enrich their lives, Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center designed Passport to Success to enrich and educate its students for the future.

Designing an actual passport and printing in the district’s Print Shop, Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center documented the completion of each of the four categories to the best practice. In the Health and Safety concept, students learned valuable information on dating and domestic violence. Community resource awareness and avenues for help were covered in Future Prep. Making healthy food choices and meal prep were covered during Future Prep. In the fourth aspect, Skill Development, students coveted anti-bullying, yoga, and mindfulness to name a few. The overall Passport to Success program illustrates that  “we have a responsibility to educate the whole child.” Please join us in congratulating Tuloso-Midway Academic Career Center with this year’s Best Practice Award for 2021.

Lisa Rogers, PhD


  1. Wanting to share what processes we use at our DAEP that work. This is my 8th year as the Principal of the DAEP in Willis ISD. We made a huge change this year that was needed because of all the changes with students and society since Covid hit. We have a program in place that has helped with discipline (since our options are few), attendance and student returning to DAEP. We would share our handbook, process we used to improve discipline and attendance and other practices I have found that worked at our DAEP in the last 8 years.

  2. Hello Mrs. Maddin,
    I am very interested in the program that is being offered at your DAEP campus in Willis ISD. I’m the newly appointed campus administrator of the DAEP in Port Arthur ISD. It is my hope that we can forge a collaborative partnership that will help the scholars achieve success.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Kirvis D. Fontenot, M.Ed.

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