$500 TAAE AWARD for “Best Practices” in Texas Alternative Schools”

This TAAE sponsored contest will focus on established classroom practices presently being utilized in an alternative school, DAEP,
AEP, JJAEP, charter school or School of Choice setting. This is a “Best Practice Award” for alternative schools that is designed to
spotlight practices implemented in an alternative classroom settings. The purpose of the award is to generate ideas and share
outcomes regarding alternative classroom practices that are working throughout Texas. It is the desire of TAAE to recognize
“outstanding and promising classroom practices” at our annual conference each year and disseminate those ideas to our TAAE
members through our newsletter as a learning tool. Up to two submissions will be selected for a $500 cash award for each school.
Awards will be granted directly to teachers or to a school, depending on the best practice’s scope of impact, and will be posted on the TAAE website for review.


This Year's Winner will be invited to present on Friday February 3, 2023 at our annual Conference.

Thank you to all those who sent in applications.

Winners will be announced shortly!


This year TAAE has four awards that you can apply for.

  • Life Membership Award - Nominee must be an active member of
    TAAE and made major contributions to alternative education and/or TAAE.


  • Alternative Education Administrator of the Year - Nominee will be a principal or assistant principal who has made an outstanding contribution to your school and/or students.


  • Alternative Educator of the Year - Nominee will be a teacher,
    counselor, or member of support staff who has made an outstanding
    contribution to your school and/or students.


  •  Friend of Alternative Education - Nominee will have made a
    significant contribution to alternative education. (Please see Points to Consider
    for special criteria for this award.)

Thank you to all those who sent in applications.

Winners will be announced shortly!

Mr. Allan Colvin TAAE 2021 Award Winner

Please join Texas Association for Alternative Education in congratulating this year’s Alternative Education Administrator of the Year. It is no other than Mr. Allan Colvin. Mr. Colvin currently serves as the Principal of Pride Academy and the DAEP in Brenham ISD. He is so deserving of this 2022 Alternative Education Administrator of the Year Award for numerous reasons. First, Mr. Colvin has a love for alternative education and passion for his students, the community, and his fellow constituents. He’s a 1990 graduate of Brenham High School.


Secondly, Mr. Colvin is a leader and role model for others in his church family as well as in his community. He is active in several food banks and willing to lend a helping hand no matter where he is needed. His motto is “We are a team; we are Champions!” Mr. Colvin is no stranger to his students out in the community. He attends the many functions of his students. His planning and drive to ensure his students are not a statistic is a daily routine. Due to his proper planning, Mr. Colvin has been able to utilize a GED program and streamline Edgenuity on the DAEP in alignment with the other campuses to ensure that all programming is run smoothly. He has molded a school culture of pride and desire for excellence with all involved.


Finally, at home in Brenham, Colvin continues to be a part of the village used to raise children there. His mission is to transform the AEP school in a setting conducive for learning. He continues to be a beacon of light to his coworkers and church family at New Life Church of God. Thank you, Mr. Colvin, for your tireless efforts and outstanding contributions to your district, school, and community. You are truly a blessing to them as well as the focus Texas Association for Education stands for today. Congratulations, Mr. Allan Colvin! To read more about Mr. Colvin, please visit https://schools.brenhamisd.net/page/pride.principal.