John Schaefer

TAAE Members and Guests,

Welcome to Texas Association for Alternative Education.

I hope that each of you had a fun and restful summer.  Barbecues with family and friends, some much needed travel or just hanging out by the pool or beach; this was a summer to remember as the state opened up from the restrictive past of 2021.  Last year truly was a year of “Meeting the Challenges of Today for the Success of Tomorrow.”  How will each of you meet these coming challenges?

School is back in session and kiddos are back in school. Those schools around the state that I have visited state, that students want to be back in school and with their friends. As social beings, we need to be able to interact with others and now that we are back in school, I am finding that many are really excited about what the school year brings.

Our plans have been laid out for our 32nd Annual conference which will be held in Austin at the Radisson Austin hotel (ownership change) February 2-4, 2022.  This is the same hotel that was once named the Crowne Plaza.  This year’s conference is planned as an in-person conference and will follow the guidelines of the Governors office for the state of Texas.  Currently there is a no-mandate for masks across the state however, you use your own judgement and if you feel the need to wear a mask then please do so.  I recommend that if you feel the need to be vaccinated- this too is “your” choice.  Each of you should do what “you” consider is best for yourself and TAAE will support your decision individually with courtesy and respect. If changes come our way from the state, TAAE will update our protocols and let you know via our website.

Our organization have begun to have periodic training events, where all educators can join in to learn more about educating our future. These new learning events are called “Genius Bar” and provide a way for each of you to share your ways of creating success for students. The current schedule for the “Genius Bar” is September 11, 2021, September 25, 2021, October 9, 2021 October 23, 2021, February 2, 2022, and March 5, 2022, so don’t miss these great opportunities to enhance your knowledge.

I wish each and every one of you a great school year and with much success.

Those of you that are not members, please consider joining our ranks and becoming a part of the greatest organization for student success in the state of Texas.

John Schaefer
TAAE President 2021- 2023