TAAE Requests School Showcase Submissions

TAAE would like to showcase DAEPs, AEPs, Schools of Choice, JJAEPs, and Charter Schools throughout the state in an effort to virtually connect members and programs of interest to its members. Since CDC’s Covid-19 guidelines have been in place, visits to schools and meetings have been cancelled. As an alternative means to visit campuses, School Showcase was birthed. One of TAAE’s goals is to collaborate with agencies that support the goals of alternative education. One way that TAAE plans to do this is with a networking of alternative education programs on its website. Members are encouraged to complete the School Showcase Submission form by March 1, 2021. Members are asked to please come back to the website by March 15, 2021 to read about the first school being showcased: ALPHA Academy. Mr. Bryan Cooper and his staff are this year’s Best Practice Award recipients. They were presented a $500 reward during the 31st Annual Conference on Friday, February 5, 2021. TAAE members should be sure to check back in order to learn more about the Multilevel Scheduling Program used at ALPHA Academy. TAAE wants to be a catalyst in program networking among its members.

Fill out the School Showcase Submission Form

Click on the button to the right to submit your School as a Showcase School.

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