TAAE Receives 11 Scholarship Entries

Taylor MarceauEleven entries qualified and submitted applications for this year's 2021 Taylor Marceau Scholarship. Even during this pandemic, high school seniors are striving to make it to the next level. They have persevered during a time we all have never endured before. If it was possible, TAAE would proudly give each student a scholarship, but we know the current scholarship committee will be reading and scoring the submissions over the Christmas break. It is hard to judge a book by its cover, so we will not judge our applicants in this fashion either. Each applicant was required to submit an essay on why they needed the $1000 scholarship as well as provide the steps he or she has already taken to get into the school of their choice and major. Almost 90% of applicants have already completed the FAFSA and been accepted into a post-secondary institution. An update and announcement of winners will be forthcoming in early 2021. Until then, please encourage all seniors to start making plans for the future, the spring will be here and gone before we realize it.

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