HB 1 and Vouchers

Our Texas Governor has been a strong supporter of Vouchers for students. Red this before you make your decision. The purpose of this post is to educate, not persuade or promote any political view(s). 
I thought I would share this information with you since several people have asked me what the deal is with vouchers and school funding from one point of view.  
This is just one view of what is happening with our legislators.  Feel free to read, delete and move on, or research further. 

April 5, 2023

Action Alert: Support HB 1 Amendment Prohibiting Vouchers
Rep. Abel Herrero filed a bipartisan floor amendment for HB 1, the state budget bill, that would prohibit the use of state funds for vouchers. The appropriations bill is on the docket for Thursday, April 6 (note corrected date), so now is the time to ramp up our advocacy in support!

What Action to Take
Call, email, or visit (if you can) your legislator, and tell them to please support Rep. Herrero's bipartisan amendment to HB 1.

Look up who represents you in the Texas House/find contact info

Key Talking Points About the Bill and Amendment

  • The House’s proposed budget bill adds at least $5 billion for Texas public schools. Thank your legislator for investing in public education.
  • Support Rep. Herrero’s amendment to HB 1.
  • Public tax dollars should NOT go to private entities with no financial or academic state accountability requirements. Rep. Herrero’s amendment will help ensure that.
  • Public tax dollars should go to schools that are accountable to taxpayers.
  • Vouchers take much-needed money from local neighborhood schools and tend to help only students whose parents can already afford private schools.
  • Vouchers give private schools, not parents, the right to choose.

More talking points on vouchers

On Thursday, the Texas House will consider HB 1 (the state budget bill) with a crucial floor amendment filed today that would prohibit the use of state funds for vouchers, education savings accounts, and other similar schemes.

Even better, the House’s proposed budget bill adds at least $5 billion for Texas public schools.

Tell your representative to support Rep. Abel Herrero’s bipartisan amendment to HB 1.

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