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These first two websites are comprehensive search engines designed for students who are interested in learning more about Criminal Justice programs and careers around the country.

Justice Degrees

Discover Criminal Justice

County Office.org It has a great number of local county and state offices with phone numbers, addresses and directions nationwide .

master-of-education-in-teacher-leadership.aspx Master of Education in Teacher Leadership programs designed to develop instructional leaders who know how to design curricula, implement research-based instructional strategies and effectively motivate students at all grade levels

ASVAB practice test website  The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is a required test administered to anyone interested in enlisting in any of the US Armed Service branches

Onlinedegree.com : We provide a completely free path to receiving free college credit for students across the country. Students can take 15 college–level courses on a variety of subjects with pathways for potentially receiving up to 44 units of semester credit at participating accredited universities or at over 1400 universities and colleges in NCCRS network. This is hugely important for Alternative Education students…in addition to saving money, they can test drive different courses and subjects on their own schedule and be better prepared for college-level coursework at a university. Here's a little more about us and the Academic team: https://www.onlinedegree.com/about-us/

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Cavern World

Math Models and Economics

Kids In Need Foundation Grants

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation